Electric Motor Handbook – E.H. Werninck – OSD 3

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629 pagina’s
afm. 18 x 25
ISBN: 0070844887

Electric Motor Handbook – E.H. Werninck
If you have to select electric motors, buy electric motors, install or maintain them, her is a book which includes in one volume practical information on all these subjects.
Tis is a contributed handbood designed to provide information for all engineers on the fundamental principles of the design of d.c., a.c. linear, and strepping motors; on the varieties of electric motors available, their construction and performance; on practical aspects of the mounting and installation of motors and the transmission of their power output through gearing, clutches and brakes.
There is olso a major chapter on the subject of motor dimensions and standards, and supporting chapters on units and measurements, materials and components, maintenance, and the electric motor and its environment.

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  • McGraw-Hoill Book Company Ltd.
  • 1978
  • Bestelnummer: OSD 3