The Hermitage (Sint-Petersburg) During the War of 1941-1945 – S. Varshavsky & B. Rest – ML 9-1

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Hermitage Sint-Petersburg During the War of 1941-1945 – S. Varshavsky & B. Rest
“I would like to believe that, after all the disasters and bloodshed of the war, people keep in mind their memories not sentiments of vengeance and hatred but feelings of gratitude for those who preserved the honour and cultural heritage of their country.
The Hermitage struggled to survive during the siege, in Leningrad and in faraway Sverdlovsk. Under bombardments it lived and functioned-preserved its exhibits and buildings, organized conferences and hosted coming excursion groups for surrealistic lectures to empty halls”.
Mikhail Piotrovsky (Director of the Hermitage)
The story of the Hermitage during the war stands as a symbol of the invincibility of our culture. (The Russian culture)
Beautiful book with many pictures.

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  • Slavia / St. Petersburg
  • 1995
  • Bestelnummer: ML 9-1