Un’industria per il Design / An Industry for Design – Mario Mastropietro & Rolando Gorla – ML 8-4

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671 pagina’s
afm. 23 x 24,5 x 5 cm.
ISBN: 9788882230357
Tekst zowel Engels als Italiaans.

Un’industria per il Design / An Industry for Design Edited by Mario Mastropietro & Rolando Gorla
text by Daniele Baroni, Biorgio Bocca, Manolo De Giorgi, Gillo Dorfles, Vittorio Gregotti, Erico Morteo, Guido Vergani, Pierparide Vidari and Renzo Zorzi.
The research, Designers and Corporate Image of B&B Italia

An Industrial Design Culture developed in Italy thanks to varied and combined contributions made by designers and industry. The description of the process that leads from the idea to the product and a comprehensive account of the ongoing design research has always been the B&B Italia trademark. It makes this book a “critical monograph”- a milestone- in the historiography of Italian design. This new 1999 edition adds an essay by Manolo De Giorgi which puts the long course of B&B Italian design into perspective. Also it adds more recent history of design at B&B Italia and its prominent characters.

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  • Edizioni¬†Lybra Immagine
  • 1999
  • Bestelnummer: ML 8-4