Kunstform Puppe / Dolls a Special Kind of Art; The Game with Material and Emotion – Ruth Ndouop-Kalajian – ML 10-5

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ISBN: 9783939806073
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Kunstform Puppe; Das Spiel mit Material und Emotion
Dolls – a Special Kind of Art; The Game with Material and Emotion.
Characteristically, artistic dolls are a special kind of art with many emotions as theri special feature is the fact they always portray a human image.
Music, poetry, painting, and culture have to do with many kinds of motifs but dolls created as a special kind of arts always (exclusively) depict human images, even in the form of fantastical and mythical creatures. The crucial criteria are their upright form and their mobility, especially their faces. This is added to by such artistic criteria as abstraction and alienation.
The author is known for 5 years as the editor of the German magazines Puppen & Spielzeug and Ciesliks Puppenmagazin. With empathy and appreciation she portrayed 28 doll artists from Germany, France, Austria, Swizerland and the Nederlands.

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  • Wellhausen & Marquardt Medien
  • 2011
  • Codenummer ML 10-5