Abstract and Colour Techniques in Painting – Claire Harrigan – ML 10-5

Gebonden hardcover met stofomslag
128 pagina’s
afm. 22,5 x 28 cm.
ISBN: 9780713490558

Abstract and Colour Techniques in Painting – Clair Harrigan
As the interest in non-representational art grows and artists become more adventurous, this important book helps the reader make the move towards abstract art through the use of colour — the hallmark of Claire Harrigan’s work in mixed media. Fantastically illustrated throughout and with sound technical advice the book includes stunning finished pieces and some step-by-step demonstrations. The author covers a range of subjects – still life, flowers, buildings, figures and landscapes – with details on how they evolved from the original inspiration. She guides you through the composition and structure of abstract and semi-abstract painting, and offers advice on surface and colour choices plus considering the different media you could use and combine, including acrylic, gouache, watercolour, oil, pastel and collage. The compatibility of different media is clearly explained. The book includes the important processes of abstraction and step-by-step demonstrations help illustrate the processes. As well as a practical guide, this book is a visual delight, with stunning images from a leading British artist.

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  • Batsford
  • 2007  (gebonden hardcover uitgave!)
  • Codenummer: ML 10-5